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International Viewpoint 379 (June 2006)

The Fourth International (used to be USFI, but are there other Fourth Internationals to worry about?) journal International Viewpoint went online and online a while ago. One peculiarity is that you have to wait until the end of the month to know if its complete and a bit longer for a nice PDF version.

Here's their text for IV379 (June 2006)
Gilbert Achcar: Iraq: Occupation, civil war and the call for withdrawal
"ON THE THIRD anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Susan Weissman interviewed Gilbert Achcar for her program, "Beneath the Surface," on KPFK, Pacifica radio in Los Angeles. In the following excerpt, Achcar discusses the questions of immediate withdrawal and civil war in Iraq."
Achcar is always worth attention and is here saying that there is a 'low-intensity civil war' in Iraq.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Michel Warschawski: IsraelThe drive to normality and separation
"In the March Israeli elections the success of Ehud Olmert’s Kadima party, the collapse of Likud and the relative stability of the Labour Party represents the electorate’s yearning for mainstream politics and stability."
Overtaken by Israel's criminal and barbaric assault on the Gaza strip this week, but sound analysis of the impact of the Isaeli election.

Lin Calozin-Dovrat "IsraelThe witch-hunting of Tali Fahima"
"A young woman who spoke out against Israel’s targetted assassinations policy, and who later befriended a leader of the Palestinian military resistance, has paid a heavy personal price - at the hands of the Israeli state and media."

Phil Hearse: "Latin America: Resistance and Revolution"
"The huge Latin American panorama of struggle has given rise to new debates about revolutionary strategy - debates which the Left has not been used to having for some time. How can this enormous generation of struggle, the rejection of neoliberalism and the rise of the Left be consolidated into permanent socialist gains, the power of the popular masses and the defeat of capitalism?"
Speech from the successful Socialist Resistance dayschool on Latin America on June 24th.

James Cockcroft "Latin America:New Challenges to Imperialism"
"Neoliberalism has produced a new wave of social movements in Latin America and leftward electoral swings. The social movements are protesting the privatization of nature, the commodification of life, and the pillage imposed by neoliberal globalization, together with the illegitimate, unpayable foreign debts passed down from the dictatorships."
Cor, James Cockcroft still goig after all these years....

There also a PDF pamphlet from the International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE ) Change the world without taking power? ... or ... Take power to change the world? on John Holloway's influential autonomist text, with material by Danile Bensaid, John Holloway, Phil Hearse, Hilary Wainwright and the 2005 WSF debate between Holloway and Alex Callinicos (already available in ISJ106).

Laurent Carasso: "France: A Major Social and Political Crisis"
"France has just experienced the third confrontation with the government in less than a year. The country had already seen political confrontation on a large scale with the mobilization against the adoption of the European Constitutional Treaty in the spring of 2005."
An LCR trade unionist on the excellent struggle against the CPE in the Spring.

Manuel Kellner: "Germany: Take off without a left wing?"
"The congress of the Party for Jobs and Social Justice- Electoral Alternative (WASG) on April 29 marked a turning-point in its short history. It was above all the attitude of the new party towards social-liberal policies - and therefore its electoral tactics - that divided the congress. "
The politics of the welcome fusion between the WASG and Left Party-PDS (L.PDS) continues to baffle. The left criticise the L.PDS for its participation in regional governments with the SPD which follow neo-liberal policies, but the WASG is unwilling to do anything about it and have moved to discipline WASG groups in Berlin and Mecklenberg-West Pomerania for moving to autonomy against L.PDS.

Terry Conway: "Environment: Two victories for Britain’s Campaign against Climate Change"
"Britain’s largest trade union has affiliated to the Campaign against Climate Change (CCC), reflecting alarm across the labour movement at the Labour government’s plans to replace its aging nuclear submarines and power stations."

Panagiotis Sifogiorgakis: "Greece: Fighting neoliberal university reform - Huge student movement in Greece"
"Greece is witnessing what is probably its biggest student movement ever. In the wake of the highly successful Athens European Social Forum, the movement is witnessing mass mobilisation and a huge level of democratic participation."

Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski: "Poland: 50 years since the Poznan uprising"
"The insurrectional uprising in the Polish town of Poznan in June 1956 shone a searchlight on the crisis of Stalinism. Preceded by a similar event in East Berlin (in 1953) and followed four months later by the Hungarian Revolution (October 1956), the Poznan insurrection opened the great cycle of the Polish workers’ struggles against the bureaucratic dictatorship (1970, 1976, 1980-1)."

Terry Conway "Fighting homophobia: Support EuroPride!"
"A rising tide of homophobia and homophobic attacks, in both Eastern and Western Europe, is leading to plans for a major fightback by LGBT and human rights organisations."


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