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Radical Philosophy 138 (July/Aug 2006)

The latest Radical Philosophy (this issue isn't on-line yet, but the journal's website can be accessed here) has a striking front-cover photo of a UN tank in front of a deserted closed Texaco station in Haiti, which goes a very informative Commentary piece by Professor Peter Hallward, 'Voting for Hope: Elections in Haiti'.

On the theme of difficult radical philosophies there's a 'Dossier' on the French Vocabulary of European Philosophies, Part 1. Peter Osborne's introduction emphasises its size and importance and the theme of a plurality of philosophical languages and untranslatability.

Howard Caygill's 'From Abstraction to Wunsch' provides an extended and very warm welcome to the project, placing it in context of other dictionaries. There's an entry from the Dictionary: 'Subject', with Balibar as one of its authors.

After that come the book reviews: a long piece by Steve Edwards on the October inspired Art Since 1900, Alberto Toscano on an interesting book about French Intellectuals against the Left and a collection of articles by Gilles Deleuze, which gets criticized for flaws in translation, making him sound like The Dude from The Big Lebowski. But there is a remarkable quote about the Palestinian situation: "Europe owes its Jews an infinite debt that it has not even begun to pay. Instead, an innocent people is being made to pay - the Palestinians." Deleuze sees the Palestinians as being in a situation analagous to the American Indians. Much of the review is concerned with the strange exclusion of a piece from 1983, 'The Grandeur of Yasser Arafat'. In the end the reviewer calls for this book 'Two Regimes of Madness' and its predecessor 'Desert Islands' to be re-edited and retranslated.

And there's an account from Chris Nineham of the World Social Forum, sadly minus the lovely picture of Nineham posing with Chavez. Its a good account, emphasising what happens at the grassroots and the job of grassroots organizing.


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