Thursday, May 25, 2006

Red Pepper 142 June 2006

Red Pepper 142 has a clever football/St George's cover.

Articles of interest include:
Phyllis Bennis on the threat of a US military strike on Iran.

A Eurotopia wiki-survey on the ESF, looking at the creation of a radical European 'we'. The fall of Aznar in 2004 is put down to national repercussions of international mobilization, as is the defeat of Berlusconi! No matter how strange ssome of the judgements might be Eurotopia looks quite interesting.

Hilary Wainwright is also being very positive about the Athens ESF, mentioning the size of the demo as a sign of 'subterranean radicalisation' and praising the forum for the absence of plenaries and extent of discussion.

Mark Perryman and Mike Marqusee debate whether its possible to support England in the World Cup in 'Anyone but Ingerland?'

Stuart Weir looks at the BNP in 'Touching the Void'. Weir (from Democratic Audit) has been consistently emphasising the scale of the BNP threat and is one of the authors of the Rowntree Trust report on The BNP: The Roots of is Appeal. Here he talks about a revolutionary change in UK politics over the last 20 years, with a shift to multiparty politics. The BNP has been benefitting, helped by respomses which have ignored it. The BNP might not be a mainstream party nationally, but it is a 'national phenomenon that becomes mainstream where it makes gains.' It is nasty, but not enough to just say it's nasty. It should be regarded as a 'community movement founded on protest', speaking for white communities that feel neglected and agrieved and silenced. Weir also says that the BNP is a 'populist libertarian party', "more Labour than Labour" according to Richard Barnbrook and Weir also quotes Nick Griffin about: " people wanting to kick the Labour Party really hard and we're the politically incorrect way to do it." The BNP is being very successful at concealing its violent connections and in pursuit of respectability, and is making the public expression of racism acceptable. And the BNP is exploiting a political void in which the major parties fail to engage with the communities in which the BNP prospers.

David Beetham and Pat Devine on the Euston Manifesto: they're not impressed.

David Renton provides a good summaryof his new history of the ANL When We Touched the Sky in 'The other summer of punk'.


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