Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Statesman July 3rd 2006

The New Statesman has '7/7: one year on' special issue, with a 'Suicide bomber in his own words' exclusive front cover.The leader acknowledges the on-going potential threat, but calls for both reforms to the Commons intelligence and security committee and a full public inquiry into July 7th 2005. Shiv Malik's cover story is based on Shazad Tanweer's UCAS form from 2000 and an anonymous interview with a tutor at Leeds Metropolitan. Shouldn't this be private? There is some journalistic work on the 'Mullah Crew', Hardy Street Mosque, Hamara Centre -and the good anti-drugs work done by the Crew.

Martin Bright writes 'The task force was a sham', subtitled with 'Whitehall documents leaked to the New Statesman reveal that the Foreign Office manipulated the task force on extremism, set up to respond to the bombings'. Yes, governmental cynicism.

Ziauddin Sardar's 'Can British Islam Change? ' is a very interesting account of the new politicised engagements of young British muslims based on a range of interviews with people doing research.

Zaki Chehab 'Al-Qeeda: still a step ahead' basically says it's still there, well-armed, helping out in Iraq.

Liberal American political scientist Bruce Ackerman contributes 'Before the next attack' warns against a spiralling politics of fear and repression in response to more terror attacks.

Simon Parker from York University writes about the lack of support for lecturers from their students: hmmm, goes against the positive spin given by some in the recent (and maybe not dead yet) dispute.


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