Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Ststesman May 8th 2006

New Statesman (May 8th 2006) asks 'Is this the end?',but don't give us the answer.

Articles of interest. John Pilger's column on the Salvador Option combines the power of the media, pumping out a party line preparing us for war; with the death squads directed by the Ministry of the Interior and thus controlled by the CIA. Trouble is, all done by assertion, where what is needed is careful journalism.

Paul Kingsnorth makes a rare reference to the global justice movement in 'Protest Still Matters', finding it still alive and the events at the more-or less completely ignored Athens ESF 'so important'. This is accompanied by a strangely cynical column really focused on the hijacking of the movement by the SWP, but as the evidence is drawn from France this does sound unlikely.


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