Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Socialist Worker July 26th

Socialist Worker (#2111, July 26th) continues its focus on domestic political issues (rather than the international issues that dominated its front pages a short while ago) by taking up knife crime the personal story from a mother who feels her son was failed by the system.

International issues are taken up by Simon Assaf in 'US establishment is split on war strategy', which seeks to contextualise Obama's middle east policy (basically Afghanistan not Iraq and no way Iran) as reprsenting a section of the ruling class that wants to avoid military confrontation with Iran. Condoleeza Rice seems to be on this track, and Robert Gates. But poses question, yet again, whether 'section of the ruling class' actually means anything.

Alex Callinicos deals with the global economic crisis in 'Triple trouble at bursting bubble', which takes up Janet Yellen's Macbeth imagery (hey Ms Yellen's done the hard work here!) in pointing to the housing market, financial markets and commodity prices as driving the crisis in what Callinicos calls a 'postive feedback loop' - shouldn't that be 'negative' feedback loop - resulting in predictions of a W-shaped downturn. And this applies to Britain. Interestingly, on the basis of the lessons of the '30s, Callinicos allows that it sensible of the Treasury to allow more borrowing.

The Argos strike gets attention, and it looks like there could be a big strike on London buses. The People Before Profits Charter is apparently going great guns. Anne Alexander provides good background on the 1958 Uprising in Iraq (coming up to its 50th anniversary). Mike Sambo from the Zimbabwean ISO talks about the situation there.

Tucked away on p15 is an innocuous looking report from anti-fasist activities in Stoke, which has aroused the belated ire of a quality left blogger, posted here and here, with much repetitive and over-lapping blog-quarelling to follow.



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