Thursday, July 10, 2008

Socialist Worker #2109 July 12th

The post-Marxism 2008 edition of Socialist Worker (July 12th) leads on G8 leaders condemn us to poverty.

Stories of particular interest within include 'Nazi BNP to target Stoke for anti-Muslim rally', which has them targetting Stoke for a 'national rally' on August 9th. Is this a return to more traditional Nazi activities, seeking to physically dominate an area. There is talk of confronting them. As it's SW the focus is naturally on the UAF.

CJ Park has a column on the rather large outbreak of class struggle in South Korea.. Esme Choonara takes on the panic about knife crime. There's an unusually descriptive account of Marxism - normally would expect more testmonies from people who have been enthused, etc. Simon Basketeer has a centre spread on Afghan history, including a splendid picture of the defeat of the British 66th Foot at Maiwand (1880), featuring Bobbie the dog. There's an interview with Graham Turner about his new book on the Credit Crisis - very underconsumptionist. Ken Olende has a page opn Marcus Garvey. There's news of the forthoming public sector worker strikes. Best of all Sabby Sagall has an appreciation of Tony Hancock, who killed himself in Australia in June 1968. There are a couple of odd paragraphs about nobility, but this is splendid - where else on the far left are you going to find memories of 1968 that include Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock. There is imagination at work here!


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