Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scottish Left Review 47 July-Aug 2008

The latest Scottish Left Review (#47, July-Aug 2008) is themed around the (Scottish) left and sport: 'why doesn't the left talk about sport?' Oh I thought it was always going on about sport. Tedious. Elaine C. Smith (Convenor of the Scottish Independence Convention and beloved actor) goes on about the 'time for change, Leanne Woods of Plaid Cymru and National Assembly member tells us about Wales, Tim Gee reflects on three years after the Edinburgh and Gleneagles demonstrations. Reviews include Gregor Gall on Imagined Communities.

See the use made of the Editorial Comment by Andy Newman at Socialist Unity as part of an argument for supporting Frances Curran of the SSP (and not Margaret Curran of the Labour Party as George Galloway has advocated). Looks like Labour is going to hold onto the seat against the leftish SNP challenge, thus avoiding the disaster of defeat. But I can't imagine either SSP or Solidarity getting anytihng other than a derisory vote.



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