Wednesday, August 02, 2006

John Bellamy Foster interviewed

There's an interview with Monthly Review editor John Bellamy Foster in the Indian journal Frontline (Vol 23, 15 July 29th-11th August 2006) condcted by Vijay Prashad. Prashad gives's some background to the history and politics of MR from Paul Sweezy's approach to Marxist economics in the 1940s, through its engagement with Cuba and 'salutary analysis' of the world situation in the Vietnam War era through to the new editorial team of the 1990s. The pivot of this interview is the appearance of a collection of Foster's reviews of the month in Naked Imperialism. The emphasis seems to be the old MR focus on capitalism as imperialism with the modern role of warfare. The interview covers Foster's interesting biographical, political and theoretical development, going back to the '70s. Interesting and attractive.


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