Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Statesman July 24th 2006

A late New Statesman (July 24th 2006) with a 'War: who can stop it now' cover.

A mention of Saffron Burrows leads me to the Diary page were she talks about her Tolpuddle 'frame of mind' and reminisces with a family friend who is daughter of Bob Darke - local activist. Doesn't mention Bob's very good book, The Communist Technique in Britain (1952 - a Penguin I think), which goes through his career in the CPGB and disillusionment, while remarkably not moving to the right-wing. The excellent Ms Burrows also mentions were introduction to Battle of Algiers, without mentioning Marxism 2006.

Back to war: the Editorial says Israel can't win, 'there is no victory to be had', but really appeals to a rapidly diminishing possibility of moderation. The big 'War: Who can stop it now?' feature is by Zaki Chehb starts with the extent of IDF humiliation and the military strength of Hezbollah. The only solution: a deal giving peace and justice pushed by an 'honest broker'. There are also reports from Beirut, something by a guy from Ha'aretz and Andrew Stephen taking the piss out of George Bush.

Amongst other stuff, there's a profile of Klaus Wowereit, the gay SPD Mayor of Berlin, tipped to be future party leader. Fareena (Q-news) Alam takes on Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Brendan (Spiked) O'Neill reviews Ron Suskind's One Percent Solution (and elsewhere defends from threats of libel American author Rachel Ehrenfeld) and - most interestingly of all - from the archives comes an exceprt from a politically-motivated sermon by Ralph Miliband from 1959: 'A re-thinking sermon'.


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