Tuesday, July 25, 2006

CSD Bulletin 13, 2 Summer 2006

The Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster publishes a regular little Bulletin - mostly to advertise an profile its little academic domain. Sometimes there's some interesting material (but the new edition isn't online yet). In the latest issue (Vol 13, 2 Summer 2006) the lead article by Bhikku Parekh, 'Provocative art' compares the Salman Rushde fatwa to the protests over the Danish cartoons. Paul Ginsborg writes about the role of families in politics. Patrick Burke reviews Oliver Kamm's Anti-Totalitarianism alongside Kate Hudson's book on CND. Burke is critical of Hudson for being soft on the Soviet Union and one-sided/narrow-focused about Yugoslavia and the reasons for the war on Iraq. The much-hated Kamm has blogged a positive response to this on his web-site and used it to further his criticisms of the current direction of CND over the issue of the Iranian nuclear programme.


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