Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Statesman Aug 14th

New Statesman (Aug 14th 2006)

This is a special Burma issue, but I'm more taken by the coverage of the Lebanon war. The Labour MP for Burnley, Kitty Ussher, has a page on the political impact of the government's policy on MUslim's in her constituency and the emphasised quote is 'The only only conclusion any right-minded person can draw is that the PM thought it was OK for Muslims to keep dying.' Lindsay Hilsum writes about The Death of Israel's Dreams: the death of a dream of secure borders. Mark Lynas writes about the environmental aspect of the war.

The Burma material is carried by Peter Popham on A nation in waiting, Jacob Rigg on The forgotten war about the Karen, and Maung Zarni with a kind of realist analysis saying we must talk to the generals.

Nothing on Tommy Sheridan.


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