Wednesday, March 08, 2006

US Socialist Worker 579 March 10th 2006

Notice of the the ISO's latest Socialist Worker (#579, March 10th) reaches me. Contents include a story about 'Protesting anti-Muslim cartoons: “Standing up against hatred” from the Universoty of California-Irvine, where right-wingers explicitly atempted to use the Danish cartoons to build an Islamophobic agenda and got a big response of resistance. There's also an article on 'Where is the antiwar movement headed? ' by Eliabeth Wrigley-Field, from the Campus Antiwar Network (and ISO) in advance of the international March 18th protests, which it seems isn't going to be marked in the US with a national demonstration, although there will be local protests. From this perspective the anti-war movement is still on the defensive and still under too much influence by the Democratic Party, in particular from 'Campus Progress', funded by the DP; while Unite for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) is organising a broad multi-issue demo on April 29th.


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