Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Socialist Review Feb 2006

The new-syle Socialist Review (Feb 2006) keeps continuity with the series that's been going on (with a change of name to SW Review for a while) back to 1978. But its got a new delivery mechanism - it comes free with Socialist Worker, although its available separately and on subscription. A distinct change in political feel. I think its meant to be more in tune with the political priorities of SW. No editors name is given, so I'm assuming the SW editor is in charge. All available on the internet.

The lead article: 'Opening Shots' by China Mieville (is this going to be a regular feature) is a strange and disappointing fantasy about Ariel Sharon coming back as a 'Zi-borg', accompanied by a really crap whole page illustration. Waste of space and talent. **

But then comes a really worthwhile and interesting piece with David Harvey being interviewed by Joseph Choonara. *****

That's followed by Chris Harman reporting from Caracas, a piece full of intelligent observation and conversation with activists. *****

ISO Zimbabwe (bravely resisting a crackdown) have a page on the path of the MDC.

Independent Indian Marxist Achin Vanaik (frequently to be found writing for the Transnational Institute and I guess also available there) writes about India's growing engagement with the US and neo-liberalism.

Ghassan Makarem, a socialist gay activist from the Lebanon answers accusations of 'Islamofascist' homophobia, instead arguing that laws criminalising homosexuality derive from the Code Napoleon.

Best of all John Newsinger brings the three Haitian revolution novels of Madison Smartt Bell to our attention. All Souls Rising, Master of the Crossroads and The Stone the Builder Refused are all discussed in a tremendous manner and make them seem unmissable.

There's more, including reviews: Clooney's Good Night, And Good Luck, which makes the common mistake of confusing McCarthy's Senate Committee with the House Un-American Activities Committee.


Blogger Jim Jay said...

was the review confused or the film... but forget that - what i want to know is how did it *feel*

did it feel small, light and funky
or clunky (the greatest possible sin) - i was reading it on the web a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised, i'd like to see a paper version, i might even suspend my boycott of sr...

3 March 2006 at 02:02  

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