Friday, March 31, 2006

Socialist Worker (US) March 31st 2006

The ISO's Socialist Worker has much on the anti-immigration law march in Los Angeles. Check out 'A new movement for immigrant rights takes to the streets: “We want to be equal"' and 'Why you should oppose McCain-Kennedy' , a reply to Paul Krugman in 'WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? The bogus hysteria about immigrant workers ' by Sharon Smith, some background theory by Paul D'Amato in 'Who benefits from immigration bans?' and the editorial, "Grassroots initiatives against HR 4437 get a mass response: Dawn of a new movement "
"Potentially, the movement can break the logjam of U.S. politics, in which the Republicans launch attack after attack with little or no response from the Democrats. The mass protests in LA, Chicago and other cities show the possibility of fighting back--with a mobilization of working people to defend their rights."
Whether this is just routine new beginning optimism, or really is the start of somethig new we will watch with interest.

There's a lengthy piece by Antony Arnove about his new book putting for the case for withdrawal from Iraq: Why the U.S. has to get out of Iraq now.

And finally, these Leninists like V for Vendetta, ignoring the anarchist drift of its politics, even - as J.Hoberman pointed out in Village Voice - a certain alignment with the ideas of Negri and the multitude.


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