Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Variant #33 Winter 2008

Variant #33

The latest edition of the crammed-full Scottish e-jine of cultural politics arrives. The highlight is Terry Brotherstone on Paul Mason's very interesting Live Working or Die Fighting. Brotherstone includes an account of Mason on Laurie Taylor's Thinking Allowed and a discussion that he thinks shows the decline of notions of the 'end of class' and 'there is no alternative'. Brotherstone connects Mason's global account of class struggles to Engels' Condition of the Working Class in 1842 and, particularly, his 1892 Preface. This review is well-worth reading and a clear steer towards the importance of Mason's work.

There's also a review of a recent work by Robert Porter on Habermas and the public sphere. Tom Jennings writes about literary reflections on crime and the poor. Gerry Mooney reviews books about modern public housing - the nightmare and dystopia of the council estate. Much more as well.



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