Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Permanent Revolution #6 Autumn 2007

The last but one issue of Permanent Revolution (#6 Autumn 2007) is on-line. It's a good and attractive magazine, deserves to do well. Four interesting and important articles are available:

Stuart King on 'Respect: Not the best of times'. This has been around for a while as the text for PR supporters to refer to in all discussions about the split in Respect, and is, of course, badly out of date now. The basic line is that the populist and electoralist politics of both sides has nothing to offer, the split is unprincipled, etc. Doesn't really have anything to offer anyone with any investment in the hopes offered by Respect.

Bill Jefferies (who does the extremely interesting global economic perspectives and critiques writes about 'Russia: Putin flexes his muscles' with a focus on the prospects for a renewed 'cold war'.

George Binette is downbeat on 'USA: The anti-war movement', especially in comparison to the anti-Vietnam War movement, but disagreeing with Alexander Cockburn's recent nostalgic lament.

And Keith Harvey provides a useful history of the 'anti-capitalist movement' and the slow crisis of the European Social Forum in 'The anti-capitalist movement'.

Not saying I agree with everything, but they are all worth a serious disagreement.


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