Friday, September 28, 2007

London Socialist Historians Group Newsletter Autumn 2007

The latest Newsletter from the London Socialist Historians Group is available here. It's worth having a look. Mostly reviews, including Keith Flett being bland about Alastair Campbell's Diary, Keith Flett himself on Malcom Chase's Chartism, Dave Renton on another meoir from Harry Ratner and Ian Birchall on the LSHG collletion edited by Keith Flett on 1956 and All That. So far so incestuously familiar, but there's also a review of Chris Wickham's Framing the Early Middle Ages and a report on a research project about realist literature and the First World War hailing from Australia. Some interesting points, but dreadfully crude in its equation of realism with Marxism, socialism and the working class, and, it seems modernism with the bourgeoisie. It's a useful project and their narrowness can't be blamed on themselves - they are trying!