Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Socialist

It's no good I just can't read the socialist. I don't think the homage to e.e.cummings helps. I just find it so so boring. I've always found it boring. I always thought Militant was boring. Is it me? Is it the lay-out? Do they put something in the ink? How can anyone read it, I just don't understand it. They could say anything I just wouldn't care. I'm sorry. I'll try to focus.

Okay they are clearly, if austerely, trying to link various issues appropriate for the anti-war demo and posing the task of building the socialist alternative to it all.

International news: a very positive account of the WASG result in Berlin (3.8% constituency votes, 2.9% list votes), praising the role of the CWI section (SAV) and criticising both the WASG nationally and the L.PDS. For Iraq they are demanding an end to occupation and propose a solution in terms of a socialist Iraq in a socialist confederation in the Middle East. For the Lebanon they have a line with criticisms of Hezbollah for being pro-capitalist and not employing working class methods (instead showing .solidarity with the poor'). The answer: the working clas and socialist internationalism. On Iran they weigh up the evidence that a Western attack is planned, criticise the hypocrisy, but also condemn all nuclear weapons and the Iranian regime.

On the Labour Party they see Brown as the same as Blair, they call for support for John McDonnell and urge the neeed for a different kind of party. They want you to go to Socialism 2006 (November 25-26, speakers include Mark Serwotka, Tommy Sheridan, SAV leader from Berlin) to discuss how to change the world and join.


Blogger AN said...

It is boring.

Years ago in John Sullivan's scurrilous pamphlet about the elft he said he sued to despair of their campaogn for a Daily Militant as more than anyone could bear - he suggested an annual would be more appropriate.

3 October 2006 at 16:35  

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