Monday, September 12, 2005

State of Nature 1 Autumn 2005

State of Nature is a new intellectual and leftfield socialist/radical on-line journal of interest.

Issue One 'Religion in the Modern World' includes:
Holocaust Religion and Holocaust Industry in the Service of Israel by Shraga Elam
This seems like a piece in line with the Norman Finkelstein kind of analysis, previously appearing in Between the Lines in 2001. I do worry about anything that criticises the fatual basis of the 6 million dead figure.

Pie in the Sky by Steve Weissman (from Truth Out) looks at Tim LaHaye, the Left Behind books and Christian millenialism.

When General Westmoreland Visited My High School to Pray by Ron Jacobs (author of the very good The Way the Wind Blew about the Weather Underground) meditates on American militarism with an input from Max Weber.

God is not Dead: Intelligent Design Theory and Evolution by Dennis Chapman puts the boot into the latest anti-scientific quasi-religious fad alternative to evolution.

Women and Work in Iran (Part 1) by Elaheh Rostami Povey: looks good.

There's also Fiction:
Letter to Elena from Joanna S. by Mazviita Chirimuuta
The Horse that Knew Everything by Jon Bailes

Saudi Israelia by J A Miller

Sketches of Christianity by Jon Bailes

Ancient Enemies - Modern Media by David Edwards

It's worth checking out.


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