Thursday, July 14, 2005

New MRzine

Monthly Review has created the MRZine (thanks to Direland for pointing it out) as a new initiative, launched on Bastille Day. Well-worth subscribing too (it's free).

Content includes John Bellamy Foster's 'The Wall Street Journal Meets Marx', taking issue with a recent claim that Marx accepted the 19thC US as the land of opportunity for working men.

Michael Yates has contributed 'Let's Put the Nature of Work back on Labor's Agenda: Part One', addresing issues of alienation in terms of the failure to provide humans with fully human jobs. Lenin is mentioned as a fan of Fredrerick Taylor, which is a bit too simplistic. Lenin attacked Taylorism before the First World War, but after the revolution he gave the idea positive attention (see 'Better Few, but Better'), but in the context of increasing productivity enough to provide more free time for workers.

Richard Vogel writes 'Wal-Mart's End Run around of Organised Labor - aided and abetted by the state of Texas', an important account of the local state engagement with cheap labour and globalization.


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